Smile Gallery


Joan came in during her week off. She wanted to redo her old broken discolored crowns. We digitally planned the shape and size of her new teeth. And then In one day we took her from discolored to beautiful. Now she looks refreshed and even prettier.


Courtney wanted longer brighter teeth. After assessing her gums we decided to raise them up. This is called a gingivectomy. After this we discussed porcelain vs composite veneers. She choose composite because she did not want her teeth prepared. We did a blue print then made her 10 composite veneers.


Jerry had a history of breaking teeth. Lots of teeth. We made him a splint to allow him to feel what a good bite felt like. He liked it. We then made him temporary teeth modeled off this bite. He felt good. From there we worked to make him a smile that looked great and feels good.


Dawn had a gap between her front teeth. She also had wear and chipping. She wanted a brighter more youthful smile. After careful planning we decided to placed 9 porcelain veneers. We added some length by raising her gums up, and also bringing the edges of her teeth down. The result is a natural looking smile.


Jackie had a failing bridge. She did not want an implant. She chose a tissue graft, a bridge, and a veneer.


Navin wanted a brighter smile. We used 8 composite veneers to give her a dream smile.


Kathy had retained baby eye teeth. We removed them as they were loose. Placed two implants and also two veneers on the lateral teeth.


Genevieve had veneers done 12 years ago and just wanted to update them.  We changed the shape some, and added two more to give her the beautiful smile she has even more pop.


Mark had a front tooth he was going to lose. So, we removed one front tooth, and then corrected his smile so his top and bottom teeth worked together. We improved his smile and his bite.


Dan had cavities and worn teeth. Six crowns gave him a new smile that looks better and took care of his cavities


Andrew was always covering his smile.  He had a history of cavities, spaces and broken teeth. Now he is smiling better than ever.  And we aren’t even done yet!!


Jodi had a black triangle between her front teeth she hated.  We bonded it using the bioclear process to give her a more esthetic smile without the black hole between the front teeth.


Glenn has failing fillings. He wanted something more predictable so he had 4 crowns placed.

Mark K.

Mark had worn short teeth, cavities and tight sore muscles. We corrected his bite, and in the process gave him a nice looking smile!

April K.

April had two baby teeth removed and implants placed to give her smile a more balanced appearance

Barb N.

Barb had her smile enhanced using crowns. She wanted whiter teeth that were more proportionate with her smile.

Barb V.

Barb had uneven teeth that did note bite well together. We helped her achieve a better bite and a prettier smile.

Billy B.

Billy wanted longer whiter teeth that showed off his smile. We did this with veneers.

Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth just wanted to look a little nicer. I think her four crowns achieved this is spades!

Greg B.

We eliminated Greg’s dark lines with new crowns

Jennifer H.

Jennifer has had multiple crowns and implants as she worked to getting the whole full smile she wanted.

Joan N.

Joan started her care with braces. Then we filled in the gaps and whitened her teeth with crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Kendall S.

Kendall has four veneers making her beautiful smile even prettier


Kathi had discolored teeth, she wanted a nice youthful smile.  We delivered.

Lida C.

Lida had failing crowns in her front teeth. Sadly she had to have them removed. Then had implants to replace her missing teeth.

Parm S.

Parm wanted bigger teeth. She had 4 veneers

Olivia P.

Olivia had chipped discolored teeth. Veneers have her a more even look to her teeth

Sandy Mc.

Sandy had lots of old fillings and discolorations. She wanted a cleaner smile. Now she smiles bigger with 6 crowns

Ronika P.

Ronika has six veneers done. And had her gold tooth replaced and the others cleaned up.

Sonja H.

Sonja had many cavities. We cleaned them and added 8 veneers.

Irma R.

Irma had 10 veneers to replace old bulky restorations that just needed refreshing.

Sandy M.

Sandy had some bite issues. First she had braces. Then some implants. And some crowns. Our goal was a functional healthy smile.


Sue wanted her smile to reflect her fun personality. We placed veneers top and bottom to giver her a more youthful clean smile.