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Dental Bridges

Nearly all patients are candidates for dental bridges If you are currently missing a tooth or teeth, then dental bridges may be the best option for you. If you have been experiencing any of these issues, please contact our staff to see if you are a candidate for dental bridges. Our clinic is proud to provide the comprehensive care you need to improve your dental health, and is committed to returning even the most damaged mouths back to full health.

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What Dental Bridges Are

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fills the space (or “bridges the gap”) where a tooth or teeth are missing. The dental bridge will not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but will also actively hold surrounding teeth in place, which in turn will make daily tasks such as talking or eating much easier to manage. Additionally, the dental bridge can help prevent remaining teeth from becoming loose and eventually falling out. Left unchecked, the surrounding tissue of this area is much more susceptible to decay and diseases, which makes the benefits of having a dental bridge procedure far outweigh the risks.

Procedure Expectations

Dental bridges can usually be taken care of with just a few dental appointments. During your first consultation, your dentist or hygienist will focus on contouring and reshaping the teeth that surround the missing pocket. Once these teeth have been properly contoured and reshaped, they will be ready for dental bridges, which will be custom made in a lab to match your specific teeth. During this time, your dentist will likely provide you with a temporary bridge to wear.

Your follow up appointment will occur within a week or two of this initial visit. During this visit, the dentist will place the dental bridge on your teeth, where it will then be fitted and checked for shape, texture, size, and color. You will also be asked to bite multiple times to ensure the fit is comfortable and natural feeling. Once you and the dentist are satisfied with the look and feel of the dental bridge, it will be cemented in.

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Materials Used

Dental bridges are made from long-lasting materials, but generally the preferred material is porcelain. Dentists and patients alike tend to prefer porcelain because it mimics the natural look and strength of your natural teeth. In fact, after the bridge is polished, it is not uncommon for people to mistake the dental bridge for a natural tooth.

Bridge Aftercare

While you will not have to change your eating habits or diet to maintain your dental bridges, it is a good idea to avoid chewing on hard substances after your procedure. There are no specific restrictions in terms of your dental bridges, but it is also important to treat them as you would your natural teeth. Continue practicing good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily and continue scheduling dentist

While the benefits of having a dental bridge far outweigh the associated risks, there are several important things to keep in mind when considering this procedure. Additionally, this sort of bridge can also cause slight discoloration of teeth; however, if the bridge is placed in a location that is not highly visible, this may not be a great concern for some patients.

The benefits of having a dental bridge are substantial. Bridges that are properly placed and well-maintained provide comfort, and immediately improve the aesthetics of your smile. Additionally, the fact that bridges are fixed restorations means they do not need to be removed, which keeps cleaning and maintenance at a minimum. You will also find that dental bridges immediately improve your comfort while chewing, and will very quickly begin to feel like your natural teeth. Additionally, dental bridges come with the benefit of completing your bite, which is critical to avoiding pain, discomfort, premature wearing away of your teeth, and other associated jaw problems.

Associated Costs

Like most dental procedures, what is covered by your insurance depends on your individual insurance plan. Still, most insurance plans cover dental bridge procedures. Keep in mind that your insurance plan may not cover 100% of the costs, so be prepared to pay some of the costs out of pocket. If you do not currently have dental coverage or would like to discuss payment options, please contact our staff to see what opportunities may be available.

High Quality Care You Can Trust

Undergoing any dental procedure can be a nerve wracking experience, but finding a dentist that understands your needs can make all the difference in the world. At Cherrywood Dental, we are committed to providing you with top notch care using state-of-the art technology. If you would like to meet our team, take a tour of our facilities, or discuss the dental bridge procedure with our knowledgeable staff, please let us know. Our team is here to ensure that all your dental needs are met.

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Having a dental bridge procedure can significantly impact and improve the lives of those with damaged teeth. Scheduling an appointment for this procedure is the first step towards being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards health, happiness, and the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for dental bridges at (952) 440-9303.

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