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The Wand

It is not uncommon for people to have anxiety when scheduling a dentist appointment. One of the more common concerns patients express is the fear of an injection from a dental syringe. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety or extreme discomfort from dentist visits, The Wand may be right for you.

The Wand is a computer-controlled dental injection that controls the flow of the anesthetic via computer. By slowing and maintaining a steady rate of flow, the injection process is less painful, and also less anxiety provoking. Researchers have found that The Wand reduces anxiety over the traditional injection methods, both because of its non-threatening appearance and the precision of its anesthetic administration flow

At Cherrywood Dental Care, our patients comfort and safety are our primary concern. Nearly all patients are candidates for The Wand. Please contact our staff to see if procedure is right for you. Our clinic is proud to provide the comprehensive care you need to improve your dental health and is committed to making sure your experience at our clinic is a positive one.

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While it is a common misconception many patients have who fear needles or injections during their dental visit, the pain a person experiences from traditional injections is not from the needle itself, but rather from the anesthetic that is delivered to the patient. Sometimes a dentist administering the anesthetic will do so too quickly or at a variable speed, which can cause mild discomfort. The Wand is specially designed to eliminate this from occurring by controlling the flow of the anesthetic with computer-controlled hardware.

Perfect for Children

For many children, visiting the dentist can be a very anxiety provoking experience, especially if they are placed in a circumstance where an injection may be necessary. The Wand has been proven to be especially effective in these type of situations. Previously, many dentists would rely on a variety of general anesthetics and other sedation methods when treating younger patients, but The Wand is becoming an increasingly popular option with dentists, as using it helps acclimate children to the injection process, and its general friendly looking appearance automatically puts their minds at ease.

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What do Dentists say?

Though The Wand is still relatively new technology, an increasing number of dentists now consider it their preferred method for providing anesthetic. Along with alleviating their patients concerns and general anxiety, The Wand’s pen like grip and smaller size make it much easier for the dentist to handle. Additionally, the shape of the needle allows for easier and more comfortable penetration. Finally, having the regulation of the anesthetic set at a consistent level means there is an increased consistency of pain relief administration, resulting in happier, calmer patients, which in turn leads to happier, calmer dentists.

Is there still a needle and injection?

Yes. The Wand does not eliminate the need for an injection or radically change the procedure of receiving anesthetic. Instead, The Wand is specially designed to reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel during the course of a normal injection. Although patients who struggle with fear of injections may not experience as much relief from taking this approach, The Wand has been known to, at the very least, make the entire procedure less anxiety provoking. Additionally, the appearance of The Wand, which is very small and unimposing, compared to standard syringes, can also help patients relax.


Yes. One of the largest benefits for both the patient and your dentist is both the ease of use of The Wand and how effectively it works. The Wand is designed to give you the exact amount of anesthetic you need at the appropriate rate. Also, The Wand is able to identify intraligamentary tissue, which allows your dentist to find more precise locations for the injection, which further reduces any pain associated with the process.


There are many unique benefits that come with using The Wand, including the following:

  • Consistent flow of anesthesia for a more effective and comfortable experience, even in sensitive areas
  • Non-threatening appearance means patients are more relaxed, which improves the overall experience
  • Many dentists prefer the light weight and easy to handle comfort and precision The Wand provides

High Quality Care You Can Trust

Undergoing any dental procedure can be a nerve wracking experience, but finding a dentist that understands your needs can make all the difference in the world. At Cherrywood Dental, we are committed to providing you with top notch care using state-of-the art technology. If you would like to meet our team, take a tour of our facilities, or discuss the procedure with our knowledgeable staff, please let us know.
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Using The Wand can significantly reduce the anxiety you may feel during your dental appointment. Scheduling an appointment for The Wand is the first step towards overcoming your fears and being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for The Wand at (952) 440-9303.

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