Tooth Brushing Techniques

Brushing your teeth, it’s something you do every day of your life, but it is it something you’re doing properly? While the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ certainly holds some weight, it’s important to remember its corollary, ‘imperfect practice makes perfectly imperfect’. In short, you may have been attempting to keep up with good oral […]

Dental Continuing Education

The world of dentistry is constantly changing. New technology, updates to tools, new procedures that make life better for patients, and of course breakthroughs in science happen every day. This is a good thing. It leads to better treatment, earlier diagnosis, and a healthier community. Because of these breakthroughs it is important that you see […]

We’re Celebrating 20 Years of Serving Our Community

20 years is a long time. Two decades. 7,300 days. At Cherrywood Dental Care we take pride in the fact that we’re celebrating our twentieth anniversary. This milestone marks twenty years of treating patients with impeccable service and serving our community’s dental needs. Why choose Cherrywood Dental Care? In addition to serving the community for […]