Dentures Stay in Better With Implants

A common complaint for people who wear dentures is that their dentures tend to slip out of place. We’ve all seen the humorous videos online of grandma losing her dentures mid conversation. The truth is, however, slipping dentures can be quite embarrassing. They impact how you speak, how you eat, and your overall self-esteem and […]

How a Pretty Smile Can Make You Feel Better

One of the first things you’ll likely notice about a person is their smile. A bright, confident smile says someone is content, happy, and ready to take on the world. Similarly, someone who isn’t confident in their smile projects their lack of confidence in how they hold themselves, their posture, and how they interact. If […]

Why is is important to keep learning?

You might have finished college and moved on to a blossoming career, or maybe you’ve retired and are looking for a way to keep busy. Either way, staying busy and continuing to learn promises many benefits that will improve your quality of life. How to Continue to Learn There are several ways to exercise your […]