We’re Celebrating 20 Years of Serving Our Community

20 years is a long time. Two decades. 7,300 days. At Cherrywood Dental Care we take pride in the fact that we’re celebrating our twentieth anniversary. This milestone marks twenty years of treating patients with impeccable service and serving our community’s dental needs. Why choose Cherrywood Dental Care? In addition to serving the community for […]

Here’s How Dental Insurance Really Isn’t Insurance

The title of this post might surprise you, but it is 100% the truth. Dental insurance really isn’t insurance. If anything it’s like an allowance that you pay into and hope to get money out of when you need it. But what happens if you pay into your dental insurance and the insurance company decides […]

Dentures Stay in Better With Implants

A common complaint for people who wear dentures is that their dentures tend to slip out of place. We’ve all seen the humorous videos online of grandma losing her dentures mid conversation. The truth is, however, slipping dentures can be quite embarrassing. They impact how you speak, how you eat, and your overall self-esteem and […]